BBC Field

Use the BBC to create a new intersection of physical and data.

BBC Field is a productivity and entertainment app where users can customise unique soundscapes and browse others made by creatives. With Field, one can immerse the entire self into an alternative acoustic reality, created all by oneself. On top of sharing with friends via social media, users could also access soundscapes which serve as an extension of BBC’s shows and artists’ works. Presenting a new mode of entertainment, we also see Field as an opportunity for the BBC to strengthen its brand and engagement. Adopting AI, Field aims to offer the greatest personalisation for users in soundscape construction and suggestions.


User experience design

Sound design


12 weeks


Kara Wong

Kyrin Chen

Arlene Lo

Inspired by Pauline Olivers' Deep Listening, BBC Field tap into the new perspectives and experiences availed by auditory imagination.


While we recognise the wellness and productivity benefits offered by soundscpaes, we also see a deficiency in current services which only provide repetitive and limited natural elements.

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