Poppu Go Chess

Inspired by Kirigami Carvings, the design combines board and stones in one and unfolds dimensions within a piece of paper. It is light and portable, ideal for carrying around and enjoy Go Chess anywhere. Designed to be blind or vision-loss friendly.


Sustainable design



4 Weeks


Ruby Maky

Rose Wei

Ka Wing Kavieng Cheng

Kara Wong

Go Chess is an abstract strategy board game. It is especially popular in East-Asia countries where many play as professional gamers. There are still existing concerns with traditional Go Chess's manufacturing and portability. We hope to tackle these concerns and make it easier for more people around the world to experience Go Chess in a playful, relaxed way.


Enhance the tactile experience of Go chess via differentiating the texture of black & white stones. With the light and portable design, it is ideal for travelling, carrying around and enjot Go Chess anywhere.


Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore

Red Dot Design Museum, Xiamen, China

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