Keep In Shape

Keep in Shape is a food case customised for Hong Kong's food culture. It combines functionality, sustainability, and appealing appearance. It comes with three variations: Egg Tart, Bowl Rice Cake and Pineapple Bun.




4 Weeks


Ruby Maky

Svenja Tong

Ka Wing Kavieng Cheng

Kara Wong

Not every food container functions well in preserving the perfect Shape. Use a fragile plastic box or plastic wrapping bag for the package for specific delicacies such as crunchy pineapple bun, sticky bowl rice cake, and freshly baked egg tart. Some package boxes require large quantities to fill in the space. There is also less consideration for requiring large amounts to fit in the paper box space. This creates extra packages or food waste if the food gets crushed in the bag. We want to encourage a sustainable lifestyle for the foodie in a playful way.
Hence, Keep in Shape is a series of food cases customised for delicacies that represent Hong Kong. Though travellers can't take Hong Kong delicacies with them. They can remember their feelings with Keep In Shape.


The identity and packaging design take inspiration from each product being a dot - in different sizes. By exaggerating this visual element and playing around with custom type design and layout, it visualises the action of keeping food in shape.


2021 C-Idea Design Award NewStar

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