Spotify Mix

Get listeners to soundtrack and sharetheir life through spotify.

Inspired by Sound-Gustatory Synesthesia, users can also navigate their taste in music with Flavour Filters (representing different music genres). We try to make it tasty: each step is guided by cooking lexicon and taste descriptive.


User experience design

Sound design


6 weeks


Kara Wong

Ruby Mak

Kayla Lui

Remixing music doesn't have to be overly complicated: remixing songs with Spotify Mix is as simple as cooking up a late-nigh snack. This feature invites users to appreciate their favorite songs in a new light, to discover songs they have not heard of ( tasted) before, and to share their taste in music with their community.


Spotify Mix provides a community platform inspiring Spotify listeners to also see themselves as creators: not all foodies are cooks but all cooks are foodies, right?

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